1. adoption and reproductive fertility law
    We can help your assisted reproductive technology law, providing expert drafting and review of contracts for:

    ▪ Egg/sperm donation. In an egg or sperm donation case, at least one parent is not genetically related to the child. 

    ▪ Embryo donation.
     In an embryo donation, neither parent is genetically related to the child. The intended mother carries the child.

    ▪ Surrogacy contracts and parentage actions.  In a surrogacy arrangement, a gestational surrogate carries a child who may (but need not be) related to the intended parents. 

    For a map of U.S. states where surrogacy is legal click here.
  2. family law practice of guardianships, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements domestic partnership, uncontested divorce, and custody and support agreements
    Family Law Practice
    When you need help with a family law contract, trust ​​Tsong Law Group.

    We strive to find workable legal solutions while avoiding unnecessary conflict.

    We provide the following services: 

    ▪ Guardianship. A guardianship can be temporary or another path of establishing a parent-child relationship.

    ▪ Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. A marital agreement that determines how property is characterized during the marriage.

    ▪ Legal Separation. An alternative to divorce, or as an option that allows a higher earning couple to avoid the "marriage tax penalty."

    ▪ Uncontested divorce. Collaborative resolutions to your marriage dissolution.

    ▪ Custody and support agreements and modifications. 
  3. The Law of Family Formation
    At Tsong Law Group, family formation law is our specialty. 

    We provide the legal means to expand your family, whether you choose adoption or reproductive technology.

    Tsong Law Group operates a premier adoption law center, Adoption California. ​
    Adoption California an adoption law center
    We work with the following egg donor and surrogacy agencies: